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Alot of you might be offended reading this conversation. It involves.. alot of explict llama sex.

Lunar Lucidity (12:31:11 AM): Whatcha wanna do, cutie?
ALIAsoda (12:31:23 AM): ;_____________________;
ALIAsoda (12:31:30 AM): HAVE SEX WITH A LLAMA.
Lunar Lucidity (12:31:35 AM): o_o;
Lunar Lucidity (12:31:44 AM): ::a lone llama randomly saunters by::
Lunar Lucidity (12:31:54 AM): ::it looks at you with innocent eyes::
ALIAsoda (12:37:50 AM): - i gaze at the llama with lecherousness as it scampers by me. every moment my hunger develops. alia dawdles to the soft being and slowly began to stroke it, her arousal increasing as her hands broached the llama. -
Lunar Lucidity (12:38:29 AM): ::I just slowly take myself away from this situation, into the nearby quicksand::
ALIAsoda (12:38:40 AM): ROLEPLAY THE LLAMA!!!!
Lunar Lucidity (12:41:39 AM): ::It's marble-esque eyes quivering with every second her hand brushed into it's fur. Bottom lip quivering, legs shivering, it knew that oncoming danger was to manifest in a moment's notice. It's throat began to rack violently as a huge, gelatinous, amorphous saliva projectile jettisoned from it's throat, towards the girl::
ALIAsoda (12:47:03 AM): "shhh.. it's okay llamallama.." -she spoke with a comforting tone as her other hand cascaded to her pants, where she unzipped herself. her large, throbbing member tumbled out of her apparel. it was raw, and aching for the llamas saliva to touch it. she walked over to it's front and gently patted it's head. - "this will be fun, llama."
Lunar Lucidity (12:50:23 AM): ::Jaw dropping to the sandy bottom. The llama looked at her gargantuan, pulsating meat rocket. She was not about to explode into his launch pad, this was for certain. He quickly backed away from the ominous intimidation of her veiny third leg, and found himself falling down to the ground. He tried to get up, but found his leg numb, jelly like. He could feel his heart knocking against his chest, almost coming up to his throat::
ALIAsoda (12:53:55 AM): - she abruptly grabbed the llama by his ears forcing herself into the creatures oral cavity. - "OH LLAMA.. OH GOD." - she began to violate the poor animals mouth, thrusting in and out of it's mouth so rapidly and so brutally. her peen ached with pain, for the llama had teeth.. but it was only pain she could enjoy. -
Lunar Lucidity (12:57:37 AM): ::Immense girth of her hickory love missile made him begin to regurgitate. Soon, bursting from the edges of his mouth was an exponential amount of vomit, soon slithering up her member. The tears began to mat the fur around his eyes, and breathing became to hard to do. For her penis pushed against his lungs. He felt consciousness and subconsciousness fuse into and began to faint::

ALIAsoda (1:02:39 AM): - she was only aroused more by the vomit that caked her cock. a flood tide of semen tsunami'd the llamas throat and face. it's brown fur was drenched in white substance as it fell to the soiled ground, unconcious. - that's a good llama.. - she grinned lustfully at the unconcious llama, and began ascending towards the fence that bordered the farm. -
Lunar Lucidity (1:06:44 AM): ::The farmer who heard a noise outside his house quickly took a glimpse about his surroundings to see if anything was odd. And surely, he found his llama on the ground, drenched in man-lotion. He saw the culprit make haste over the fence and saw her thunder down under dragging behind her.:: "WHADAFUCK DIDJU DO TO MAH LLAMA!!!?!?!" ::He exclaimed as he grabbed his boomstick and proceeded to bust a copious amount of shells at the llamaphile::
ALIAsoda (1:08:45 AM): - the bullets hit her gigantic dick, causing it to grow 3 times in size. she turned around hastefully as her penis flew and hit both the llama and the farmer clear across the grass. -
Lunar Lucidity (1:10:04 AM): ::The inscrutable impact of the crotch-kraken made the poor llama and farmer alike, fly into the sun. Somewhat similar to how team-rocket was always defeated.::
ALIAsoda (1:10:33 AM): ROFL.
ALIAsoda (1:10:35 AM): i love you.
Lunar Lucidity (1:10:38 AM): I love you
Lunar Lucidity (1:10:48 AM): ^_~
ALIAsoda (1:10:58 AM): but i am so posting this in LJ.
Lunar Lucidity (1:11:03 AM): LOL
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