Akimika (akimika) wrote in what_teh_fox,

Cult of Ythrl

There's a guild on my new main server called the "Cult of Ythrl".

The members are all very odd, and they all play the parts.

Tonight, I had a run in with one of the members.
Yeh> "What has a harder to understand meaning, Ythrl or Pro no se plura?"
Cursed> "Ythrl has a meaning?"
Binbin> "Ythrl means everything to you, fleshling!"
Binbin> "Repent! Thy time is short, mortals! Ythrl shall soon awaken from his wet dreaming beneath the sunken city of F'hagot!"

I just thought it was odd. Other run ins were more like a cult member yelling "Ythrl smiles upon you!" while passing by, and a giant mob training onto my group.

All the cultists huddle in a group. A gargantuan group in the city. They're just that hard to miss. They all stand around and yell praise to Ythrl. Things like "Ythrl is the great one!" or "Ythrl can rock the guitar like no other!"

It's odd how involved they are o_O
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