Crisp Spider Meat (newo_ikkin) wrote in what_teh_fox,
Crisp Spider Meat

ALIAsoda (12:33:24 AM): I am a prairie dog.
Lunar Lucidity (12:33:37 AM): And I am a elf owl.
Lunar Lucidity (12:34:55 AM): -bites- ^_^
ALIAsoda (12:35:47 AM): n_n
Lunar Lucidity (12:36:36 AM): oooo -perches on your arm and looks at you with huge owl eyes- ooooo
ALIAsoda (12:37:33 AM): - squeak -
Lunar Lucidity (12:38:18 AM): -I peck at your prarie dog head- ooooo
ALIAsoda (12:38:45 AM): - i run into my burrow -
Lunar Lucidity (12:39:59 AM): OOOOOOO -i fly to your burrow and look down into the hole- oooo?
ALIAsoda (12:40:08 AM): - SQUEAKS AT YOU -
Lunar Lucidity (12:40:17 AM): OvO
Lunar Lucidity (12:40:26 AM): OOOOOOOOO -sticks head in-
ALIAsoda (12:41:22 AM): - kicks dirt at you -
Lunar Lucidity (12:41:53 AM): -pulls head out and shakes head, blinks- oooooo OOOOOOooOOOoOOOOOOOO > v <
ALIAsoda (12:42:46 AM): - cowars -
ALIAsoda (12:42:51 AM): - curls into a small ball -
ALIAsoda (12:42:57 AM): - squeak of fear and sorrow -
Lunar Lucidity (12:45:30 AM): -i fly off, disgruntled, and nestles myself into my cactus-
ALIAsoda (12:47:13 AM): - i pop my head out -
Lunar Lucidity (12:48:41 AM): -I stare down at you, but you can't see me for I'm ever so sneaky-
ALIAsoda (12:49:09 AM): - since i don't see you, i slowly crawl out, sort of nervous -
Lunar Lucidity (12:49:34 AM): -I wait....patiently...ready...I "ooo" silently-
ALIAsoda (12:49:51 AM): - I think I hear something and back up into the hole a little bit -
Lunar Lucidity (12:50:17 AM): -I blink my eyes, and stop oooo'ing, takes a deep breath-
ALIAsoda (12:54:07 AM): - i cautiously walk out of the hole again, i go over to a small patch of grass and begin to nibble on it -
Lunar Lucidity (12:55:51 AM): -My pupils grow small, my small desert owl heart begins to pound against my chest: Now's the time to strike! With painstakingly sharp accuracy I swoop down from my roost and pick you up by the neck and fly off- OOOOOOOOOOO > v < OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
ALIAsoda (12:57:57 AM): - i squeak with terror as my small black innocent eyes begin to tear up. i drop the grass i was innocently nibbling on as i am taken up into the air making shrill sounds -
Lunar Lucidity (12:59:22 AM): -My owl stomach rumbles, dinner would soon be served!- oooooooooo!!!!!! -I fly unto the nearest cactus and look at your wiggly furry mass, and I begin to peck at your head furiously- OOOOOOOOO -peck, peck, peck, peck, peck- OOOOOOOOOOO -peck, peck, peck-
ALIAsoda (1:02:36 AM): - your shap beak manages to break my skull. i start bleeding and my brown fur becomes drenched in blood. i am slowly losing conciousness, yet i can feel the blood run over my head, blinding my vision. -
Lunar Lucidity (1:04:44 AM): -The beak finally reaches into the soft mushy chew of your sanguine soaked brains. I devour them quickly, the crimson stains painting my beak and chest. The flourescent glow of the moon's arrays fall upon my beak as the camera starts to move away, and a melancholy song plays as I continue my sup-
ALIAsoda (1:05:06 AM): - i decay, vultures eat at my remains -
Lunar Lucidity (1:05:16 AM): -happy ending-
ALIAsoda (1:05:26 AM): i love you too.
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