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And you wonder why I sleep on the bus...

Flame Rebellion: ever notice how peope older than you are so much less mature?
wiSTFUl hearts: Maturity doesn't come in numbers!
CrocodiIe: Yes, I have Dawn.
The Patient: It comes with murder attempts at your life and sitting in backed up traffic.
CrocodiIe: And people wonder why I have younger friends. Because, well, my peers are pretty stupid.
wiSTFUl hearts: LOL
Flame Rebellion: well, there's these dudes on my bus that have neither maturity, respect nor common sense
Flame Rebellion: I was trying to explain to them why the driver was being so "mean" to them
wiSTFUl hearts: Lmao.
Flame Rebellion: they started booing me and yelling at me to where I couldn't hear myself
Flame Rebellion: so I yelled at them louder than I possibly ever have yelled in my life
Flame Rebellion: I actually heard it as if it was someone else
Flame Rebellion: and it left me short of breath
wiSTFUl hearts: o_o!
Flame Rebellion: all I said was , "Because I have respect for rules, authority and adults! You, obviously do not!"

Long story short, those dudes are gonna have hell to pay
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